Hot Air Baloon Adventure

The oldest and the most precious way to fly is hot air balloon flight, in the past available only for the aristocracy, today everyone can experience it. The balloons on hot air basically are very simple and through the history it's proven to be the safest way to experience the joys of flight.


The adventure will start from previously arranged location and with our vehicle we go to the place for the flight. First you will have info briefing. The passengers will have unique opportunity to be involved in all preparations for the balloon flight.

After 30min the flight will start and it will last for 1 hour.

During the flight or after landing the guests are offered with champagne and they will get flight qualification and balloon name. The flights are usually performed near Ohrid and Struga in the mornings or in the late afternoons when the weather conditions allow it. The maximum height is 500-800 meters from where you will have extraordinary view over Ohrid lake.

All club members are insured.

Tour price: 125,00