The pick Black Stone is the highest on the mountain Jablanica, located on the south-western part of Macedonia, i.e. the Ohrid-Struga region. This area is filled with countless springs and small streams that flow into the Black Drin River. Ones of the major sources are the sources Vevchani, a very attractive to visit and experience pure nature.


The starting point is the village of Gorna Belica located at 41 ° 13'26 "N 20 ° 33'15" E, and on an altitude of 1,316m.

The trail starts through woodland, and then a climbing gets you to the top, called Plague. The trail then continues along the state border. Under the peak is located the lake Vevchani, which is a home of several endemic species. From the very pick there is a view over the entire Struga region and a part of the Ohrid Lake.

Suggestion: wardrobe requirement – mountain (hiking boots)

Tour price: 36€
Starting point: Gorna Belica 1,316 m asl
Aim: Top Black Stone 2,257 m asl>
Length: 11km
Height difference: 941m asl
Descent time: 2 hours
Accrued vacations: 1 hour
Duration of the whole tour: about 6 hours
Meal: lunch package