The highest city of the Balkans.

Where the roof of the old houses touches the stars, from where we view the Balkans, where you could feel the courage of the Republic and smells of centuries old tradition, there is Krushevo. Where the bullets of Ilinden testify a fight in a local factory, where Nikola Martinoski grew up and left in the world, but here he regain his Doilka, where the wine is stored in barrels, produced in the local Barrel maker, where lokum is a lifestyle not just a sweet with coffee, there is the city that 4 seasons has its own unique story and manifest of good food. Krushevo is one of the Macedonian cities that has a profound cultural and historical value combined with beautiful nature. Situated at 1.250 m above see level, Krushevo is the highest city in the Balkans.

Beside the rich history, Krushevo is well known for the astonishing old Macedonian architecture .Here, today still are preserved the traditional houses and buildings which were constructed during its glory years. All of this and much more, makes Krushevo must see destination in Macedonia.


The tour starts with the pick up from the hotels. On the way to Krushevo, the first stop for coffee break is in a beautiful nature location. Driving through the mountains at midday you will get to Krushevo. First you will visit the monument “ Makedonium“ highly identifiable with Krushevo, with unusual architecture and a mixture of everything which was built during Yugoslavian times.

Near this monument is the restaurant for lunch, situated at the top of the city, offers traditional Krushevo’s and Wallachian specialties.

After the lunch the city tour will start with visiting the museum “Learnica”, the old crafts store for making barrels, the bazaar - carshija with many shops including the lokum shop, Krushevo famous sweet delight. At the end of the city tour is visit on the 200 years old Krushevo house which today is a art gallery of the world known painter Nikola Martinoski. On the way back to Ohrid, visit in the ethno museum Filip in the village Krklino is also included, which have Auto and Ethno part. Here you will see rear and very valuable exhibition of old-timers of any kind.

Tour price: 35€
Coffee Drinks during lunch
Lunch Individual Fees
Entrances according the program/td>